Sunday, June 1, 2008

Fellow ISOGG Members,

I have found a common pattern among eleven
Anglo-Norman houses with - my 12 Marker Y-DNA (Exact
Matches with 1412 people in the FTDNA Database)

Anglo-Norman families with exact matches to R1b1b2:
13-24-14-11- 11-14-12- 12-12-13- 13-29

These are the Anglo-Norman houses with exact matches:

House of Livet (Levett);
House of Malet;
House of Clare;
House of Saint-Clair;
House of Aubigny (or of Albini); Bourgeois,
Bourgondi├źn, Bourgeois
House of Bellême; Bell
House of Bohun;
House of Lacy; Lacy-Hulbert
House of Mortimer; Mortimer Byrd
House of Montgommery;
House of Saint-Clair; Sinclair

John Raciti

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